Welcome to Eye Witness Productions Ltd

Eye Witness Productions is an award-winning independent production company which makes films for broadcast, education and the corporate sector.

We have worked across a broad range of projects from relatively low-budget pod-casts for the web to high-budget international TV co-productions. But whatever the scale or the ambition of the project the same values of meticulous research and visual flair apply.

The company was formed in 2004 and is managed by Steve Bowles who has over 20 years experience in the industry.



7/4/2016 - Eye Witness Productions completes films for the Optoelectronics Research Centre

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Eye Witness Productions has just completed two films for the prestigious Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC)at the University of Southampton. The films are aimed at recruiting new students to the Masters and Doctorate programmes at the ORC. Professor David Shepherd, who co-ordinates the PhD recruitment programme commented 'If we were to make further recruitment videos I would have no hesitation in using Eyewitness Productions again'. You can see the films on the University of Southampton web-site at: www.orc.soton.ac.uk/chooseyourmsc.html and www.orc.soton.ac.uk/phdprogram.html.